By Spectre Miniatures


We have called this new light wheeled armoured vehicle the Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) as it will be brought into service in various guises by several nations under different names.  It has been purchased by US, British and Slovenian militaries with interest from many others. The Spectre LTV is designed as a base model, as with our original HMV kit that is modular with a range of accessories and upgrades. The Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is the next generation combat vehicle designed to meet emerging threats in all environments. It features MRAP-like protection levels against direct and indirect fire as well as mines and IEDs, while presenting a lower silhouette and lighter weight, and significantly better mobility and reliability than earlier armoured patrol vehicles. It is designed to operate from polar regions to the equator in all types of terrain. It is designed to be configured for the mission – ranging from low intensity security operations up to combat with a near-peer enemy that is equipped with high end weapons, surveillance systems and support such as attack helicopters and close air support – it is not just designed for counter insurgency operations as seen in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has a crew of two and can carry an additional two passengers and a gunner if a turret is fitted. Due to the small number of troops it can carry, it is likely to be used primarily as an escort and patrol vehicle, as well as for reconnaissance and special operations.

This LTV model comes decked out with the projected Special Operations Forces protected cargo/assault configuration and a standard turret hatch and will fit all Spectre HMV turret and Remote Weapons Stations (RWS), as well as suitable HMV upgrades such as antennas and stowage, which means you can adapt the weapons systems for the in-game mission. It features a rear hatch that allows access between the crew compartment and the protected cargo bay.

Please see the product feature on our Facebook page. Assembly required.