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Spectre: Operations




112 page softback A4 rulebook, full colour throughout.

Spectre: Operations is a tabletop skirmish wargame from Spectre Miniatures which takes you to the cuttinng edge of modern warfare. Spectre: Operations introduces a world of action and intrigue, where special forces, intelligence agents and military contractors are on the front line, carrying out covert operations against a multitude of adversaries; including enemy nations, unstable regimes, ruthless warlords, insurgents, mercenaries and paramilitary groups.

The game mechanics within this book are realistic, fast paced and quick to learn, optimised for 2+ players with 4 - 40+ miniatures each side. It takes into account all modern battlefifi eld factors such as ranged and close combat, infantry and vehicle combat, air support, covert operations and civilians on the battlefield. The game uses mechanics to realistically represent darkness, adverse weather conditions and how alert your troops are, as well as cutting edge equipment such as night vision, suppressed weapons and surveillance drones. Stealth, cunning, and the ruthless will to win is the only way to prevail; you must rely on tactics, cover and careful selection of your forces to plan your action and succeed in Spectre: Operations.

Spectre: Operations rules are part of the Spectre Miniatures brand. Painstakingly researched and designed with advice from military consultants, Spectre Miniatures has built a comprehensive range of extremely accurate modern 28mm miniatures, vehicles and rules to play action-packed, fast-paced table top wargames.

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