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  • Stowage Alfa
  • Stowage Alfa

Spectre Miniatures

Stowage Alfa

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Stowage Alfa consists of gear to equip your Technicals or Razor vehicles, or for battlefield scatter terrain or conversion projects.  It consists of:
1 each of large, medium and small cooler/storage box
1 x long gun Pelican case.
2 x mid-size Pelican cases.
1  x laptop Pelican case.
2 x ammo boxes
4 x NATO Jerry cans
1 x SatCom Antenna
2 x Sand Boards
2 x Multi-Barrelled Smoke Grenade Dischargers (MBSGD)
1 x AT-4
4 x Light Antitank Weapon (LAW)
4 x packs

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