Insurgent PMC - Sniper

By Spectre Miniatures


The intensity of conflict, insurgency and asymmetric warfare over in recent decades has produced some extremely experienced and capable fighters, who are not part of a formal or recognised military. A less familiar band of PMCs have risen that sell their services in direct combat, mentoring or protection to either the highest bidder, whether that is an insurgency or less scrupulous Nation Sate or simply those whos ideologies align with their own. These PMCs, or Mercenaries draw members from Chechnya, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and of course, the Middle East. They can be found providing their services in just as diverse combat zones.

As have been encountered in Afghanistan, this sniper has likely had formal military training and could be a veteran that is now operating as a mercenary. He has concealed himself under thermal camo to disguise his silhouette and heat signature. He is equipped with an M107A1 .50 Cal rifle and thermal scope to provide formidable support to your force