Chinese Special Forces Jungle Squad

By Spectre Miniatures


This Chinese Special Forces Jungle Squad have a mixture of standard and specialised weapons for jungle combat, according with the more interesting Chinese way of waging warfare.

The riflemen in the squad carry standard-issue Chinese bullpup QBZ95 assault rifles – a short overall package and good for the confines of the jungle.  One grenadier carries a copy of a US M79 ‘blooper’, that can be loaded with smoke and high explosive rounds, as well as more specialist buckshot and flechette ammo for devastating short-range use in the jungle. Squad specialists include more exotic weapons – one man carries a Type 74 flamethrower, very effective for clearing trenches, caves and bunkers and one man a hunting crossbow for quiet killing of sentries and guards.

They wear lightweight vented bump helmets to keep cool and comfortably mount night vision equipment and wear jungle clothing.  They have spare ammo, grenades, communications and survival gear in belt rigs and small backpacks for easy movement through foliage.

Despite being a ‘jungle squad’, this loadout would be an extremely effective setup for any CQB environment – particularly urban terrain where the squad weapons mix and flamethrower would be a force to be reckoned with in games of Spectre: Operations.


NVGs and Bases not included. Please note, due to the barrel length and shape of the flamethrower it has been cast in sections and may require some assembly to connect fully.


Models are supplied unpainted.