Delta MG Alfa

By Spectre Miniatures


The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (1st SFOD-D), more commonly known as Delta, The Unit or CAG (Combat Applications Group) are arguably the most elite, secretive unit in the world. With almost unlimited funding and access to extremely advanced technology, these models really epitomise what Spectre Miniatures are all about – SOF on the bleeding edge of modern warfare.

With guidance from advisors and after extensive research, we have very carefully decided how to represent this miniature.

This operator wears Arcteryx clothing and a covert plate carrier, with light weight chest rig and belt kit which carries extra magazines, chemlights, flash grenades and scalable frag grenades.

A key element of this miniature is the integration of the Future Warrior program. The operator wears ‘Smart’ devices that monitor heart rate, blood oxygen and other vital statistics, which again can be viewed in real time with the unit commander and other operators. This information can also be viewed when the operator uses Enhanced night vision goggles, available as Smart Goggles from Spectre Miniatures. These enable complete integration with the other smart devices, as well as IR/Thermal hybrid and Augmented reality features.
Modified Glock, with suppressor, red dot and light is worn as a sidearm.

This Operator carries a suppressed KAC AMG, chambered in 7.62mm or 6.5mm calibre for formidable infantry support.

He also carries the revolutionary Slingshot communications system. To further enhance situational awareness for each operator, a smart phone is carried in a Juggernaut hard case on the chest and advanced in ear, low profile ear pieces are worn.

 This is a multipart model and required some assembly.