Task Force Operators Commander - Alfa

By Spectre Miniatures

These Task Force Operators can be used to represent any current Western Special Operations Forces such as SAS, SBS, Delta, SEAL Team 6 or similar units. They can also be used to represent US SOCOM units such as Green Berets, SEALs and MARSOC.
They are all equipped with Crye Precision or similar combat clothing, Glock pistols, HK416 carbines‎ with suppressors, lasers and a variety of grips and optics.
They are wearing lightweight body armour and helmets and can be equipped to either wear or carry their NVGs‎. They have lightweight rigs carrying spare ammo, lethal and non-lethal grenades, med kits, comms and other mission-essential gear.

Troop Commander:  This model represents a SOF Troop Commander, an officer or senior NCO commanding several teams of operators, he is depicted with a 416 and calling in support using a forearm-mounted ruggedised mini-tablet. The RMT can be used to view overhead surveillance feed, communicate and call in fires from assets.