SAS Jungle Ops - Bravo

By Spectre Miniatures


These SAS Jungle Operators have cached their rucksacks at a rendezvous-point and are patrolling forward to their objective.  They are equipped with lightweight combat clothing, jungle (boonie) hats and boots, belt-kit webbing and patrol packs for ease of movement.

Their webbing contains ammunition, grenades, water, comms and med kits.  In their patrol packs are ballistic helmets, NVGs and thermal sights for assault and night work, extra ammo, water, rations and batteries for their gear.  They are also carrying M18 claymore mines for protection during halts and for laying ambushes, or deterring pursuers.
These models are carrying suppressed HK416 carbines with CQB sights for use in confined spaces and optimised for short-range close combat under the canopy and for attacks on jungle camps.