MENA Covert/Overt

By Spectre Miniatures


This Operator is working covertly within the civilian population, wearing a mixture of civilian clothing and custom tailored tactical items. Concealed very low profile body armour will be worn on occasion, as well as surveillance and communication devices, the sophistication and advanced nature of which will be dependent on the employer. Personal defence, or for target elimination, very compact weapons are concealed in bags or under clothing. This operator is most likely a member of a very specialist Special Forces group, or an intelligence operative tasked with surveillance, infiltration, sabotage or neutralising a sensitive target in a deniable manner. Due to the high-risk nature of these operations, they will be exceptionally highly trained.

This Operator is perfect for games of Spectre: Operations, using the Covert rules.

This Operator could belong to any of the myriad well known or lesser known Intelligence agencies in the Middle East, or any external agency operating within the region. Her sidearm is a highly customised PP-2000, based on a model known to have been used by a covert Russian Operator. Whether that dictates her employer is anyone’s guess. Due to the extremely high risk environment she is operating in, she is very likely to be an experienced and very specialised Operator.

This is a multipart model and some assembly is required.