Spectre: Operations

By Spectre Miniatures


Bringing the bleeding edge of modern combat to the wargaming table, from force on force firefights, to intelligence agents locating and securing a stolen warhead or even a criminal gang committing one last heist before getting out of the business. 

The game mechanics within this book are realistic, fast paced and quick to learn, optimised for 2+ players with 4 - 40+ miniatures each side. 
The Spectre Miniatures® range is painstakingly researched and designed with advice from military consultants, and includes extremely accurate modern 28mm miniatures, vehicles and rules to play action-packed, fast-paced table top wargames.
Stealth, cunning, and the ruthless will to win is the only way to prevail; you must rely on tactics, cover and careful selection of your forces to plan your action and succeed in Spectre: Operations.
There is now an Errata and a Points Value PDF available to support the rulebook on our Downloads page.
152 page softback A4 rulebook, full colour throughout. This is the second edition of Spectre: Operations, released in 2019.